A healthy employee is a happy employee!  There is growing understanding that employee health and work performance are related.  Wellness strategies are being implemented in many large companies and nutrition is an important part of employee health.  The following are some services which you could offer your employees in order to help them live healthier!


Discussion of your goals, needs and vision prior to the talk.  Presentations developed to inform employees on various nutrition topics based on discussed goals and needs.

Format: 45 minute talk followed by a 15 minute Q & A session over the lunch hour. Applicable tip sheets and/or other handouts will be provided.

Topic Ideas:

  • Health on-the-go: Healthy eating strategies for busy professionals
  • Fueling your active living: Sports nutrition basics to power your training
  • Power up with Breakfast: Importance of breakfast for all day energy
  • Protein: How much do you really need?
Speed Consulting

Company employees interested in obtaining nutrition advice sign up for a meeting with Cynthia, where individual nutrition issues are discussed in private. A preliminary schedule is drafted with each session lasting no longer than 20 minutes.

On-Site Counseling

Give your employees a chance to have their own personal registered dietitian conduct a private counselling session with them on the job site – be it an initial visit or a follow-up.  They will thank you for your concern of their health.