What to expect?

Following an initial assessment, you can expect to require some follow-ups spread throughout the year as required by your goals and progress.  We will discuss your needs and establish the best schedule for you.

Initial Assessment – One Hour

The initial meeting allows me to get to know your needs, understand your situation and establish the best approach for you.  For any chronic disease management, I recommend bringing any recent blood test results.  A detailed review of your current diet and eating habits will be performed and recommendations for improvement will be provided.  As well, we will work together to set reasonable and achievable goals and establish strategies to reach them.

Follow-up – Options of 30 min, 45 min or 60 min

Making changes can be hard, but I am here to provide all the support needed.  This is why I recommend follow-up appointments in order to discuss your progress, review any new lab results (if any) and discuss what is working and what is not.  Addressing these issues as they occur ensures the best results possible in achieving your goals.  Reviewed goals and strategies will be established.  These appointments provide you with individualized support and the possibility to discuss and work through barriers to success.

Everyone requires a different level of support, and therefore follow-up appointments will be scheduled according to your needs.

***Please note that these sessions are available in person, through Skype, by phone or by e-mail in order to best accommodate your schedule!***